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re: Currencies in LOTRO


Before discussing LOTRO in-game currencies at all, it might be helpful to point out that LOTRO is a free-to-play ("F2P") game, and you do not need to pay anything to get access to the basic areas of the game (such as The Shire, Bree and the Lone Lands). All the currencies that are discussed below can be obtained (directly or indirectly) by doing in-game activity. However, you do have the option to purchase certain types of currency for cash as well.

Just like we have dollars, euros and yen on earth, there are many different forms of currency in LOTRO’s version of Middle Earth.

The first currency you are likely to encounter in Middle Earth is copper, as you will be rewarded with copper for completing your early quests. Actually copper, silver and gold are all convertible to each other (100 copper = 1 silver, 1000 silver = 1 gold).

Copper, silver and gold can be used buy things from NPC vendors, the Auction House, and from other players on the trade channel, and you will get copper, silver and gold if you sell things there (like, loot you receive from doing your quests).

Another form of currency associated with LOTRO is Turbine Points (commonly referred to as “TP”). You can obtain Turbine Points by:

  1. completing deeds in the game (a deed such as killing X number of a certain type of enemy might get you from 5 to 20 TP), or
  2. buying them for cash at the LOTRO store.

TP can by spent at the LOTRO store to buy things to make your life in Middle Earth more convenient. For example, you can buy extra bags to carry more stuff around at any one time. You can buy the Riding Skill, which allows you to get a horse, which is one way of getting around faster in the game (see this post for more info). You can also use Turbine Points to buy cosmetic outfits, which affect your appearance, but not your underlying armor stats. As a rule of thumb, a Turbine Point is very roughly equivalent to a $0.01 US.

A third form of currency is Mithril Coins. You can get Mithril Coins at the LOTRO store by trading TP for them. There are also some ways you can get Mithril Coins in-game as well. Some common things you can buy with Mithril Coins are cosmetic wear and swift travel on routes you might not be ordinarily be able to travel by (see  this post for more info about Swift Travel). Each Mithril Coin is very roughly equivalent to $0.10 US.

Another form of currency is Marks. You sometimes get Marks as rewards for deeds,  or participating in skirmishes (you have to be level 20 to participate in skirmishes, so I won’t discuss them here), and you also might get them in the Hobbit Presents that you are rewarded with by for logging onto LOTRO on any given day. Marks can be traded with NPCs at skirmish camps for cosmetics, upgrades to a soldier you control during skirmishes and various other stuff. Medallions are essentially a more valuable version of Marks, and you can convert Marks into Medallions and vice-versa.

Other forms of in-game currency exist which I won’t go into much detail on:

  • Successfully completing quests at LOTRO festivals will reward you with festival tokens that you can trade to NPC vendors at the festival for fun or sometimes even useful stuff.
  • Various factions that you encounter (typically at higher than beginner levels) will have their own currency, which you can obtain by doing quests for that faction, and which you can then trade to NPC vendors associated with that faction for stuff that might even be useful for further questing (such as better armor).

Many forms of LOTRO currency do not convert directly into other forms, and many items can only be obtained with a particular type of currency.

The easiest way to see how much of the various forms of currency you have is to press the ‘b’ key in-game, which brings up your character’s wallet. 

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