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re: Welcome to Crafting


Crafting for Fun and Profit


So you want to take up a crafting profession?  Great!  There are many good reasons to take up crafting.

 - Crafted equipment (weapons, armor, and jewelry) is almost always better than the rewards you get from questing.

 - Some higher forms of class support items (both consumable items such as Loremaster pet food or Guardian shield spikes and equipped items such as Warden carvings or Rune-keeper satchels)  come from crafters.

 - You can always sell raw materials and crafted consumable items to help finance your characters.


You can pick a crafting vocation at any time after you finish your intro (there will be a quest giver in your starting area pointing you to a Master/Mistress of Apprentices).  There are some things you’ll want to keep in mind as you set on your journey.


1) Crafting tools – When you pick up a vocation, your crafting tutorial will give you 3 tool items to use, but as the name implies, they are inferior.  You can buy more durable tools from a crafting supplier, find a Metalsmith to craft you some new tools (which also have the advantage of being combined tools – you get all three in one item), or find a Universal Toolkit, which is compatible with ALL crafting skills.  Universal Toolkits can be obtained from your daily Hobbit Gift, from lootboxes, or purchased from the Turbine Store.


2) It’s best to start early if you’re going to craft and keep up with it as you move through the game.  It’s very simple to move beyond the areas where materials for your profession can be found, which will only make you backtrack later if you want to catch up.


3) With the exception of the Explorer, each crafting vocation has one crafting skill that they can’t gather the raw materials for (for example, Historians have the Weaponsmithing profession, but since they’re not Prospectors, they can’t gather the ore needed).  So what do you do?  Some players will simply ignore the unsupported profession.  You can also ask other players in your kinship to help you out (perhaps some mutually helpful trade can be arranged…they supply you with ingots, you provide them with your own crafting services, or materials you gather that they can use).  You can also check the Auction Hall to see if other players are selling some, but be wary – many players will price on the assumption that they’re not actually selling to a Level 20 character, but to a level 95 character buying it for their L20 alt.


4) When you reach Expert level crafting, you may want to visit a Master of Crafting Guilds to look into joining your Guild, which offers special and advanced recipes.


5) Finally, each tier of crafting has two stages of completion – proficiency and mastery.  At completion of Proficiency, you earn the ability to get critical success on crafting, which will either give you more output per recipe (two Hope tokens instead of 1) or a superior output (food that lasts for 10 minutes instead of 5).  Fully completing a tier (Mastery) is necessary in order to begin earning mastery of the next tier, and Mastery is also required in order to critical higher tiers (e.g. to achieve a critical success on Journeyman crafting, you not only need proficiency with Journeyman but also mastery of Apprentice), so it’s not enough to stop when you reach Proficiency.


6) When you obtain proficiency at Expert tier, visit your crafting vendor, there is a quest you have to complete in order to unlock Artisan tier.


Hopefully this will set you off to a long and fulfilling life as a crafter!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!!


 - Ashigaru Trecalia, Trecalia Consulting Services

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