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re: Ale Association (and Inn League) delivery quests guide


Hello, Rhanti here from the Alliance! Wrote this guide long ago, Bredhe told me to post it here!


Inn League delivery quests guide here

Optimized guide for both factions (25 min run) here


This guide actually works if you do both factions at the same time!

Just be sure to buy the drinks you need for the Inn League quests before starting it (drinks needed listed in the Inn League guide). At each delivery place, complete the Ale Association quest, but talk twice again to the NPC to complete the Inn League quest!

If so, be sure to only take the Ale Association quests (cannot take both faction quest from the same NPC at the same time. Since you can take the Inn League quest at each delivery NPCs, that quest will be active when you complete that NPC Ale Association quest).

For this guide I used a bound milestone at the Forsaken Inn; not necessary, but reduces a lot the time needed.


This guide is also not maximized; it serves as a first version to help all. A milestone at Suri-Kila, the port to Lalia's Market and 5 min cd milestones would be needed to maximize it.


Note: If you also intend to do the Inn League part, be sure to have those drinks on you first (buy a stack of each so you don't have to go to those places again):

Bombur's Beard Lager - Thorin's Hall
Limael's Vintage - Limael's Vineyard, north of Celondim
Blackgrove's Brown - Bird & Baby, Michel Delving
Thistlebelly Brew - Ivy Bush, Hobbiton
Brandy Wine - Golden Perch, Stock
Stars of Old Cider - Prancing Pony
Moor-Boar Beer - Prancing Pony
Beakbreaker Ale - Combe
Forsaken Ale - Forsaken Inn
Swill - Forsaken Inn
Dorwinion White - Rivendell, Hall of Fire


As the Inn League guide was for, this delivery quest guide was made to quickly complete them, get badges to trade for festival tokens, decorations, goat, etc. If your goal is to collect festival tokens, doing both factions at the same time can reward you 11 badges of taste (IL) and dishonour (AA), which can be traded off for many festival tokens!

As it was with the inn league guide, those quests are available only during festivals, and take note that this guide is for players who did enough quests in Eriador to get the swift travels (Angmar, Trollshaws, Forochel, etc.), same with rep requirements for some ports (Ost Guruth, Bree, Thorin's Hall).


Guide (inspired by Rhino-Man guide)

Names in CAPITAL letters mean there's a delivery NPC (be sure to talk to him thrice to complete both the AA and IL quests).

Travel means you have to get there by horse yourself; Horse travel means there's a port at the stable; Swift travel means there's a swift travel at the stable; Map means you have to use the port skill (usually rep gated); GET means there's bartender that gives the fake Ale Association drink for you to deliver; GET(2) means there's 2 quests/drinks to get at the same bartender.

Start at Thorin Hall beer hall (get all AA quests from the Ale Association Tavern Keep);

GET drink from the beer hall bartender
Swift travel Michel Delving
GET drink from Michel Delving inn
Horse travel to Hobbiton
GET drink from Hobbiton inn
Travel to Bywater
GET(2) drinks from Bywater inn
Travel to Frogmorton
GET drink from Frogmorton inn
Map to Forsaken Inn
GET drink from Forsaken Inn
Map to Bree
Swift travel to Ost Forod
Swift travel to OATBARTON

Swift travel to BROCKENBORINGS

GET drink from Brockenborings inn
Swift travel to Oatbarton
Swift travel to Tinnudir
Swift travel to Esteldin
Swift travel to Rivendell
GET drink in homely house (hall of fires: 1st left door on 1st floor)
Swift travel to HRIMBARG

Swift travel to Rivendell
Swift travel to ECHAD CANDELLETH

Swift travel to Rivendell
Swift travel to South Bree
Swift travel to Thorin's Gate
Travel to EDHELION

Travel to Thorin's Gate
Swift travel to Bree
GET(2) drinks from the Prancing Pony

Travel to Bree
Swift travel to Sûri-Kylä
Swift travel to ZIGILGUND

Swift travel to Sûri-Kylä
Swift travel to Garth Forthnir
Swift travel to AUGHAIRE

Swift travel to Garth Forthnir
Swift travel to Esteldin
Horse travel to OTHRIKAR

Map to Ost Guruth
Travel to OST HAER

Map to Thorin's Hall
Swift travel to Celondim
Swit travel to Falathlorn Homesteads
Horse travel to THRASI'S LODGE

Hope it helps you all! :D

EDIT: Someone suggested to keep Edhelion for last, due to the fog bug. Would take a little mroe time to do, but that's something to think about.


From Québec with love

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