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re: Table-Top Gamers: Help Needed


For anyone who plays table-top games, Fantasy Role Play in particular, I am going to pitch this fund raiser as a favor to Creative Mountain Games. Note that I back this personally, and the cause is righteous.

Ernie Gygax, son of D&D co-inventor E. Gary Gygax, had a really horrifying year.  Losing everything he had in an apartment building fire, later in the year some medical complications caught up with him. Ernie is a pillar of the "old school" variety, and continues to work in the game industry. Long a friend of conventions and gatherings, he's given a lot to the field over the years.

Creative Mountain Games has put together a system-neutral gaming aid (module, if you will), which can be used for a one-off change of pace, or as the basis for an on-going campaign. Lots of anecdotal history of gaming can be glimpsed in the details. And the best part, 33% of the proceeds will go directly to the Ernie Gygax Relief Fund. Did I mention the cost is under $10? Small price for some game industry history and a chance to help out someone very deserving. 

I won't ever pitch pure retail items. Too much out there, and I don't think this is a place for raw commercialism. On the other hand, when something like this comes along, I feel bound to let people know, along with my personal take on it. My take on this project? I bought a copy within 30 seconds of reading a message from Creative Mountain about it. Fully endorsed by me, if that means anything.

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