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re: The Coursehood: A Crafting & Resources Neighborhood


Hi Kinnies!

Some of you may have heard about the crafting neighborhood some of us have been working on, through conversations in the Coursera channel and here on one of our threads.

We've got most of the houses built!  There will be a grand opening party later this month (February 21 or 22). More information is forthcoming, especially in regard to how stuff can be sent or retrieved if one isn't within the nearby area, but in the meanwhile, please feel free to stop by and explore!  Take what you need!  Drop off what you can't use!

Bredhe :)

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Many thanks to Frelac, kinsman, for helping build some of the houses, and to Daffodilia of the Bounders and others for their excellent advice and input. We have also invited Knights of the White Lady to share the neighborhood with us, since they are near neighbors, with many residing in the Highdore neighborhood of the Bree-land Homesteads. Our liaison in KWL is Westinn, who also will have management access, along with Frelac and myself.  If anybody else wants to help coordinate use of the neighborhood, that is, help serve as Quartermasters, please let me know in-game!

The Coursehood: A Crafting  & Resources Neighborhood in Bowing, Bree-land Homesteads

Courserker: 1 Long Street
ETTENMOORS TROPHIES (access as needed)

Coursewood: 3 Long Street
WOOD & HIDES (open to all kinnies)

Coursered: 1 Garden Street
REPUTATION ITEMS (open to all kinnies)

Courserie: 2 Garden Street
(subject to change)

Coursewise: 3 Garden Street
CRIT INGREDIENTS (open to all kinnies)

Courserek: 1 Fountain Street
ORES, INGOTS & GEMS (open to all kinnies)

Courseril: 2 Fountain Street
SCHOLAR TEXTS & DYE INGREDIENTS (open to all kinnies)

Courserose: (no address yet)

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