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re: 2nd Anniversary: Awarding of the Light of Luthien!


Resolved~ The Courserrim celebrated our 2nd anniversary this weekend, recognising that without our wonderful friends and the larger community of Landroval, we would not be the kinship and band of allies we are today.

Resolved~ The Courserrim decided to establish a new award, one that recognises stellar players for their kindness, generosity, and community spirit.

Resolved~ The Courserrim named this award “Light of Luthien” so that we may remember the story of Luthien Tinuviel and know that her Light shines on in all of us as we battle the Shadow.

Resolved~ Six inaugural Light of Luthien awards were bestowed upon these very deserving folks:

Perizota Briarglen
Who doesn’t have one of her fine PzWare fishing poles? Also, treasured Purveyor of fine Festive Eggs! We are especially indebted to her for her fine mentoring during Coursera sessions.

Tannsy Sparkfoot
Oh, all the newbs who wore her jewelry and ate her fine food! Many of us had a great start, thanks to her tireless crafting!

Totes Magotes
He who helped build our first kinhouse and has been a steadfast source of humor!  

Chicken training camps, the Moot, the village of Dampdale, Miss Telle’s column… what does this wonderful lass not do?

Ashigaru Trecalia
Third Marshal, Challenger of Saruman, her martial prowess is unparalleled: Thanks to her wise tutelage, we stand a chance against the Shadow!

The Lonely Mountain Band
Without them, many of us would never have come to enjoy the wide variety of activities, from racing to theatre, from poetry and storytelling to raiding.... and especially, music!

Resolved~ Each awardee shall receive a Leaf-Blade Candlestand as a memento of this honour we bestow upon them.

Resolved~ These six inaugural awardees have been with us since the formation of our kinship and they serve as models for the Light of Luthien which shines in each and every one of us in Middle Earth.

Resolved~ We, the Courserrim, will continue to search for brilliant instances of this Light and bestow further awards upon deserving folks during each change of the seasons, during our kinship celebrations at the equinoxes and the solstices:

—Nominations may be sent to any Courserrim officer at any time.

—Nominations may be made by any Courserrim member, be he or she an alt or a main.

—Nominees will be screened by the Courserrim Council and awardees decided upon, prior to each seasonal celebration.

—Nominees may be kin members, friends of the kin, bands, kinships or other groups; they may not be kin officers.

Congratulations to Perizota, Tannsy, Totes, Daffodilia, Ashigaru and LMB! Congratulations to everyone in the Courserrim! We have had a great two years, havent’ we? Here’s to more happy years ahead!

*Raises a mug and toasts everyone*

Forth Courserrim and Friends!

Bredhe :)

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