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re: Kin Meeting, Sunday, 19 Nov 2017

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Hullo kinnies!

Here is the transcript from today's kin meeting. Thank you everyone who could come!

A lot of good ideas were bounced around. We may want to take a bit of time to digest those ideas and come up with some solid plans. In short, we want to have a clear sense of kinship identity, going forward... now that we no longer get large cohorts of new players via the Coursera class...

One of our hallmarks is "paying it forward" and we came up with some great ideas how.... especially resource giveaways in flash mob settings and via World and via random inspect / oh, newbie needs gear! scenarios....

Also we should all feel welcome to recruit anyone we think might enjoy playing with us and our alts and allies.... and some of you wanted regular lower-level play, including combat tutorials in instances, etc... 

Transcript below... it's a long read, yes :) Two hours worth of meeting chat! Hope to share more concrete plans as members come up with specific things they d love to do....

Hugsez, Bredhe

Chat Log: COURSERA 11/19 05:01 PM
[To Kinship] haha
[Kinship] Mugaran: sorry I'm late
[Kinship] Briallan: i'll change my title, it was left over from halloween too
[Kinship] Mugaran: I am late right?
[Kinship] Briallan: :)
[To Kinship] You're not, Mug! :)
[Kinship] Malvy: only a trick expression from the Remediators rehearsals ^^
[coursera] Garidel: 'today? I just got back in town'
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I realized that I need a barber! The changes messed up my hair!
[Kinship] Glofinwing: right on time!
[To Kinship] We re convening in the kin yard, but if you have pressing matters elsewhere, you may participate via kinchat
[To Kinship] Well, shall we get started? :)
[Kinship] Mugaran: omw
[To Kinship] Thank you Mirvie ;)
[Kinship] Briallan: yay Mug!
[To Kinship] So, I called for this meeting because I wanted us to have the opportunity
[Kinship] Glofinwing: where's Phiona?
[To Kinship] to sound out any ideas or concerns about the future of the Courserrim...
[To Kinship] First a little background!
[To Kinship] We originally formed the kinship 4 years ago in order to support classes of students taking the Coursera course
Irini has come online.
Gwendelyne has come online.
Aordwulf has come online.
[To Kinship] Online Games: Literature, Narrative, and New Media
[To Kinship] and we had 3 or 4 great classes of students each year, some who became permanent members
[Kinship] Glofinwing: Irini is on her way
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: do they still run the classes?
[To Kinship] They still do, but... I ll explain in a moment
[Kinship] Malvy: yes and no, Autumn
[Kinship] Malvy: ok
[Kinship] Irini: Coming, coming!!!!
[To Kinship] Now Coursera changed their platform about a year and half ago? to an asychronous format where students solo the course
[To Kinship] and we ve noticed a significant drop in new members joining us
[To Kinship] its not a class cohort anymore... its one by one....
[Kinship] Malvy: we simply dont have the one time in the year any more where we come together and organize things for the students
[To Kinship] Now, I dont think we need to define ourselves by the course... we have expanded our repertoire of gameplay in other directions...
[To Kinship] Malvy is correct, our regular events arent needed anymore...
[To Kinship] support for beginner s chicken runs, trips to Weathertop, etc...
[To Kinship] so I just wanted us to have the opportunity to share what the kinship means, what the kinship could be, and any ideas or concerns about Courserrim, going forward....
[To Kinship] like... do we need to have a clear purpose? or ...
[To Kinship] should we invest our creativity elsewhere.... just wondered what you all thought....
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I haven't seen much organized for lower level players in a long time
[To Kinship] Floor s yours :)
[Kinship] Malvy: example: the change does not mean the wonderful chicken support given by Uncle Rooster (Hologro) is not needed/wanted - it just became part of the greater Landroval community
[To Kinship] any questions, we ll try to answer, or figure out together... yes indeed! Unca Rooster!
[Kinship] Malvy: i think we have some good network around, and good connections to all the active groups
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Do you want to set a goal for the kinship, purpose or define it somehow?
[Kinship] Malvy: i think on that we could grow
[To Kinship] I don't specifically have any thing in mind... wondered what you ALL want!
[Kinship] Malvy: yes Eth, i'd say that is the task
[To Kinship] it's your kinship, OUR kinship :)
[Kinship] Malvy: beside the course, what is the main characteristic of our Courserrim?
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I think we need to do more lower level group things for our own alts and maybe attract new players too?
[Kinship] Irini: Something else to remember is that more than a small handful of us are here, but not HERE. Thinking of myself, for exampe - that's something to consider also.
[Kinship] Hallis: We're awesome at helping others
[Kinship] Malvy: I think it is its openness, people helping each other out, and allowing for all individual (social) playstyles
[Kinship] Malvy: yes Irini
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Woh...thats deep Irini :-)
[To Kinship] we do have a wonderful reputation here on Landroval, for being open and friendly and welcoming
[Kinship] Malvy: we all are .. everywhere. somehow ^^
[Kinship] Tralia: wish we had a bit more connection, so often I'm at festivals and see someone and they dont wave or anything. I would put more of my other chars in here, but I haven't been sure why i should. not being critical, jsut feeling no connection
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: you also have a reputation for knowing this game thoroughly and willingness to share that knowledge
[To Kinship] and most of us also have alts in other kinships... (thank you Tralia, honesty is appreciated!)
[Kinship] Irini: What I mean is people like myself, like Eth...we're here, we're always available and essentially in contact and on, but not on a Courserrim character.
[coursera] Saxlang: 'what time is it Bredhe?'
[To Kinship] I wonder what youre noticed in other kinships, is kinship identity weakening overall?
[Kinship] Hallis: I see the Coursera channel as the real "kinship"
[To coursera] 'hi meeting s now! cmon over :)'
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: If you see someone..just wave.. say hello.. they may not recognize your alt
[To coursera] 'using kinchat'
[Kinship] Tralia: I only have one other char somewhere else, lmb, and that's often mighty quiet too. otherwise i have most chars in my own kins
[coursera] Saxlang: 'hmm, im in kinchat'
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Many members have also great knowledge about the lore - see how Courserrim started.
[To coursera] 'maybe change your filters?'
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I am guilty of not chatting mych.. I will try to chat more in the kin chat when on other toons
[Kinship] Tralia: I mean wearing a courserrim tag, i don't mean for anyone to recognize a zillion other alts
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I see ads all the time saying groups do raids and deeds and questing at all levels, not just the high end things
[Kinship] Malvy: generally i think we should not change this basic direction. see, targetting at high end players with daily raids would be, for my feeling, alien
[Kinship] Malvy: that is a good point, Hallis :)
[coursera] Aordwulf: 'It the other kinchat'
[coursera] Irini: 'You're in Kinchat...but not Courserrim kinchat'
[coursera] Aordwulf: 'what she said'
[coursera] Saxlang: 'ah on a toon in the wrong kin :)'
[To Kinship] (I kinda agree with malvy, dont wanna go high-end raiding)
[coursera] Saxlang: 'let me hop to pin'
[coursera] Aordwulf: 'hehe'
[coursera] Saxlang: 'brb'
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: It's never been a raiding kinship
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: its fun to play with the lower level toons also
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: high end things locks out most of our other alts from participating in kinship things
[Kinship] Malvy: maybe we can try to emphasize more on the 'we'. offer more activities,
[Kinship] Malvy: and then, very important - advertise. not aggressive, but at least it needs to get out that we exist ^^
Pinestro has come online.
[Kinship] Irini: The point Malvy just made cannot be overemphasized enough
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I think people know you exist
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Thats a good es the kin want to grow?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: this kin is very well known except with brand new players
[Kinship] Malvy: but not those in need of a kinship maybe?
[Kinship] Irini: I know there was a period in KWL where I would find myself having to just guess at what to organize.
[To Kinship] should we try to get featured in the Lotro Beacon? mmmhmm
[Kinship] Malvy: after we got us sorted out, sure, Bredhe
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: that might help!
[Kinship] Pinestro: ok sorry about that
[To Kinship] Is our neighborhood a strong selling point?
[Kinship] Irini: And then feel like of discouraged if/when I guess wrong - sort of a situation of 'What if you threw a party and nobody came' situation.
[To Kinship] Hi Pin! glad you could join us!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I do think, just like with companies, it is important to have niche
[Kinship] Malvy: i hope so, Bredhe
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: what differentiates this kin from others
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: What is attractive today for more players to join? Maybe the laid back environment, support, talking about the lore? It can be interesting after so many skirm their way up to endgame.
[To Kinship] what sort of niche?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: the knowledge of the game and the lore
[To Kinship] and we re also resources-rich, pretty much
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: and the friendly support of all level players
[Kinship] Aordwulf: I mean grow in the sense of adding more players as opposed to more alts of current members...if we want to do that we need to reach out.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and you try to stay true to your race and class, etc.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: how large is this kin if you count by person not by toon
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Big is not always better
[Kinship] Malvy: yes Aord, we have to. else we will fade rather soon than later
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: reach out.. invite in world chat..
[Kinship] Aordwulf: nodnods
[To Kinship] I find myself reluctant to encourage specific activities that may take participants away from other kinships... for example, Concerning Hobbits has this niche of offering fun light RP party fun....
[Kinship] Hallis: I agree with Gwen. If we do start bringing new players in, I think we need to have a recruitment process so we don't have... you know... bad apples.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Many people look for kin in world chat and on discord.
[To Kinship] I would never want to compete with that... instead, I like how we direct players so inclined to go join their fun
[Kinship] Pinestro: yes, I think a set invite spiel that officers can use would be helpful
[Kinship] Malvy: right Gwendelyne, but too small is fast starved out. in my opinion
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, we have that reputation, but most of our kinnies just come on for the events.... which is kind of sad
[To Kinship] hmm
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I also like that fact that there is no drama here
[Kinship] Aordwulf: or...try to make more of a meta kindred vis the Coursera channel
[Kinship] Aordwulf: via
[To Kinship] *smile* usually...! :) hmm meta-kinship...
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I have over hmmm 12 alts.. does that count
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: No drama because almost everyone is on alts xD
[Kinship] Malvy: I think Bredhe that should not concern us. sure do not organize events in direct competition, but a bit of variety should not hurt. there are not so many basic patterns anyhow, or?
[Kinship] Hallis: True, but we talk in the Coursera channel :P
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, gwen, you give me a headache trying to keep up with you!
[Kinship] Glofinwing: Well there are people in our channel that don't know it's our channel!
[Kinship] Hallis: (he hehe 12 alts heheh)
[To Kinship] so many alts and I dont always know yall either :)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Hey I like the different classes..s orry
[Kinship] Glofinwing: so our identity is not as well known as might like
[To Kinship] haha
[Kinship] Malvy: lol .. i have given up with most ^^ Eth is very nice in having a recognizable pattern ;)
[Kinship] Hallis: I'd fill up half a friends list on my own. But I'm always in the Coursera channel no matter who I'm on or what kin I'm on
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Honey we know all your alts you little honey honey
[To Kinship] (your player notes in our roster really helps me know who you are)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: heehee
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I for one am famous for not keeping that updated.. I apologize
[Kinship] Irini: (visiting the little burglar's room)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: My original question is, do we really need to describe the kinship somehow, to put it in a box, saying so? Or we can be a friendly bunch with taking new people in, slowly?
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I miss knowing who I am playing with when I have to join some open invite to something on World Chat, but it seems like the only way to get groups below level 100 for something
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Friendly, mature, funloving kin
[To Kinship] its hard for lower level groups to form?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: into having a good time.. discovering middle earth
[Kinship] Malvy: add laid-back and no drama ^^
[Kinship] Malvy: yes, often
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: NO DRAMA :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and you are active
[Kinship] Hallis: People are always ash raiding or such. It's hard to get lower level stuff together
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: that is important
[Kinship] Malvy: careful not to muddle that with the band of that name ;)
[To Kinship] I just looked at our roster... all of us here joined more than a year ago or longer ago... no recent 2017 enrollees... hmm
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I would say no, Bredhe, there are enough low level players online but not the same time.
[To Kinship] *nods*
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: well, when was the last time our kinship organized a deeding or landscape quest for level 30, for instance?
[To Kinship] I daresay two years ago
[To Kinship] or two summers ago
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: deeding is fun
[Kinship] Pinestro: so perhaps dedicated days for that
[Kinship] Aordwulf: it is?
[To Kinship] I do worry that with all of us alting all over the place, its hard to get news out
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: even when we have too many people - just fun running around
[Kinship] Pinestro: and not necessarily at specific times, but throughout the day
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: most of us have lower level alts, don't we?
[To Kinship] yes I like low level deeding....
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I always read kin chat no matter what skin I am wearing
[Kinship] Glofinwing: Bounders have a Saturday deeding party that we could join and help promote
[Kinship] Malvy: everyone should have an account on the web site, Bredhe. And PMs there give you email notifications, if you havent turend them off deliberately
[To Kinship] ((I cant identfiy you Gwen... sorry!! whos your main?))
[To Kinship] ((no player note))
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Sabelynne
[Kinship] Malvy: i do, Autumn, but to be honest do not plan to level many of them
[To Kinship] ah! haha thank you!
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: i WILL FIX THAT
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: sorry caps
[Kinship] Malvy: we will remind you, Gwen ;)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I never play GWen sorry
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: hmmm not sure how much written in stone events you need
[To Kinship] I should ve known from the -lyne in ur name ha
[Kinship] Malvy: the Good Deeders, Glo?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we all have such different timetables
[To Kinship] we do....
[To Kinship] is there any harm in advertising our kinship?
[Kinship] Glofinwing: well, that kind of dried up and then they tried to start another one, but I haven't been so I don't know if it's working
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I appreciate that whenever we at CH or just me and mug ask for help, I know to ask the courserrim
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I think we should Bredhe
[Kinship] Malvy: indeed, Honey. that too supports striving for more people, to cover all times
[Kinship] Aordwulf: potentially but not really
[To Kinship] glad you think so, Hon! ... and mmmm
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Recently only Stevo and The Alliance advertised
[Kinship] Aordwulf: I mean...when you cast a wide net you seine in drama
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: the CH party is our best recruitment thing and when we do flash mobs
[Kinship] Malvy: lol
[To Kinship] :)
[Kinship] Malvy: see, i have never been to that party
[Kinship] Pinestro: I think advertising but with screening by officers
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we do random acts of kindness and that works too
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Also can be attractive that the kin has a double award winner band ;)
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: lots of toons go to the CH partys, and not all hobbits
[Kinship] Glofinwing: Look at how much fun and how many new people we met with our kin party
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I have not been super successful with recruitment ads and I am a recruiter in real life
[To Kinship] yes, the Remediators! ;) mmmm
[Kinship] Glofinwing: oh gosh
[Kinship] Malvy: but we still need to get ads out from time to time, to get known that we are open for newcomers
[Kinship] Aordwulf: nodnods
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, they help with name ID more than anything
[Kinship] Hallis: I always like the "Sponsored by Courserrim" approach
[Kinship] Aordwulf: what Malvy said
[Kinship] Pinestro: i've had success historically with ads out in open chat
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: There are many new players looking for a kin on lotro's Discord server too
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agree Hallis
[To Kinship] we had a nice phase where the course students werent so numerous but we got lots of attention with the server merger Landroval Welcome Parties and giving neighborhood tours
[Kinship] Malvy: which one, Eth?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: when you do those big parties, those are awesome
[Kinship] Hallis: there's a LOTRO discord server?
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: There is one official lotro server on Discord
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yes
[Kinship] Malvy: i am aware of two servers/channels, but they both seem not to be that active
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I had someone who didn't have a kinship, who asked me what ours was about, a month or two ago.... and I really didn't have a major 'selling' point to tell them
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: it's HUGE
[Kinship] Irini: I did not know what.
[Kinship] Irini: *know that*
[Kinship] Malvy: official?
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yes
[Kinship] Hologro: Yep, I'm in it. Never use it, but I signed up for it.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: It has lotro icons and everything
[To Kinship] thats what I wonder about, too, Autumn... major selling points :)
[Kinship] Malvy: doesnt mean its official ^^
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, you need that one minute elevator speech of who we are
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: duh
[Kinship] Glofinwing: yes
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: and what we do
[Kinship] Hologro: (Just remember than only around one in ten of those people are looking for a Landroval minship.)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Please don't make me look at the Discord server now, I don't wanna crash
[Kinship] Hologro: (or kinship)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I am a dork and I play LOTRO
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol welcome to the lotro aa meeting, gwen
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: just kidding
[Kinship] Hologro: I'll load it, Eth.
[Kinship] Tralia: We gotta sell to ourselves too :D as I said, I havent had a compelling reason to add any other alts here. I havent been playing tralia so much as I have another mini now
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: hehe
[Kinship] Malvy: just PM me a link pls, Eth :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I am Honey and I have been a LOTRO dork for 6 years
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: ok my bad
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: do not tell any one in my real life.. I play games online
[coursera] Aordwulf: 'Hello, I'm Aordwulf and I am an altaholic'
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: they wanted to know if we did RP, did we do lower level group landscape things, did we support crafting, etc...
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: its called Unofficial Lord of The Rings Online server
[Kinship] Tralia: most times I log on, which admittedly are a bit off hrs, it's dead quiet.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: oh I know they don't beliee me
[Kinship] Malvy: the one 'big' i know calls itself the Unoff .. ok :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: believe
[Kinship] Tralia: I only see signs of life when Bredhe is on...
[Kinship] Malvy: yes i am on that one
[To Kinship] haha... hmm.... ah yes, we dont have regular RPing, someone asked me about that too..
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agreed tralia
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we need to get to know each other
[Kinship] Hologro:
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I will try to talk more
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: me too
[Kinship] Tralia: no one even talks except to her most of the time.
[Kinship] Aordwulf: all the rest of us are zombies
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yeah Bredhe's presence inspires everyone to activity
[Kinship] Malvy: which is mostly out of my time frame for example, Tralia
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: okay I just thought of a key event
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: an event where we get to know each other
[Kinship] Pinestro: i always say hi when I come on, regardless of character..thar's a good start
[Kinship] Tralia: it's a great start
[Kinship] Irini: (I need to drop off some essences before I forget - I'm still watching here, though!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: those who want to stay anon can keep to their character
[To Kinship] yes you do Pin...always apprecite when folks say hi when they log in... I do notice....
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: lol Aordwulf
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I say hello on the coursera channel a good 95% of the time
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Noone is on most of the time when I log in xD
[Kinship] Aordwulf: it is...its always the same people who respond though
[To Kinship] time zones are challenging, yes
[Kinship] Tralia: and I always try to answer if i see it.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: Mug, what do you think
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: so dont spank me.. I will try harder.. usually dont talk much
[To Kinship] Mordor has had a dampening effect on a lot of groups, I do daresay
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: so if you see me being on for 3 hours not saying anything, that's because i'm in other kin and don't see members getting on
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: now I heard you liked spankings
[Kinship] Pinestro: early it's often me Eth and Holo :)
[Kinship] Aordwulf: you see that there are 12 folks in coursera chat and when you say hi 3 answer back
[Kinship] Tralia: no ones in trouble :D it takes all of us to make a nice place
[To Kinship] I listened to another friend (not a kinnie) express frustration that its hard to catch up over there... hmmm
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Only if they dont hurt Honey
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: okayyyyyy
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I have to admit that I have a number of toons in the alliance
[Kinship] Hologro: I expect the kins that help people with Mordor content when the LP version is sold wil be very popular.
[Kinship] Glofinwing: there' ebb and flow in the chattiness of our chat
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: but am thinking of switching them to here
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I think more people would be active in the kin (alts) if we wouldn't have the channel.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: they are just too big and no more rhanti
[Kinship] Pinestro: thats true holo
[To Kinship] oh wow, why, Hon? isnt Alliance a very busy place? oh I see...
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: where is Rhanti
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: it is just too big
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: he is sweet
[Kinship] Hologro: (Did not hear about Rhanti?)
[To Kinship] he was on briefly yesterday... busy with RL stuff tho
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: rhanti is more involved in rl
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes
[Kinship] Hologro: ok
[Kinship] Malvy: bad bad rl
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: ah real life.. heard about that
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: it is what he needs
[To Kinship] like me over the recent summer...
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I missed what holo said
[To Kinship] altho I was gone so much I thought of yall a lot hmm
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: usually there is at most one other kinship person on when I talk in the coursera channel, but without the others there would be no one to talk to
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: so sweet bredhe
[To Kinship] [Kinship] Hologro: I expect the kins that help people with Mordor content when the LP version is sold wil be very popular.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: The channel keeps us together yet separates us
[Kinship] Malvy: if there are people that can help you ;)
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: but how many people playing are ready for Mordor? what about everyone else?
[Kinship] Hologro: I think we have people like that here. >8)
[To Kinship] Eth, that cant be helped... we cant demand that you all leave KWL, LMB, Greenstone, CH, etc to join us exclusively
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we have a hobbit channel and so that is our way of keeping in touch with our kinnies on other toons or others who are hobbits in spirit
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I find it solo.. on Sabelynne
[Kinship] Malvy: i am in early Mordor, but do not like it. so i mostly keep out of there
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I love Greenstone Kinship.. would not leave it.. no drama :)
[Kinship] Hologro: A kin that provides effective help with quests in all regions will be very popular, of course.
[Kinship] Aordwulf: What Autumn said...focusing on endgame stuff disenfranchises so many people
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agreed fred
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: yes that is my problem with all my other alts. doing things alone all the time gets sludge like
[To Kinship] bt how many of us are actually able to commit to being in-game teachers and tutors? :)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Remember of all the RT runs we did together to get the lvl 100 FAs for everyone?
[Kinship] Hologro: I'm just noting that when Mordor is finally being sold for LP, there will be an influx of players gaining access to it at once.
[Kinship] Irini: Teehee!! Here I am!
[To Kinship] *nods* Eth, yeah.. hmm...
[Kinship] Aordwulf: especially the new comers which are the hope for the future such as it is
[To Kinship] so some of us can help new Mordor players, sure
[Kinship] Glofinwing: but I think Autumn's point is well taken--we need more kinnies who aren't at level
[To Kinship] yeah
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Absolutely
[Kinship] Glofinwing: yes agreed Aord
[Kinship] Malvy: i am always willing to help, but i dont think i can commit regular time. the week only has 24x7 hours
[To Kinship] we need an "elevator speech" like Hon said... what are our strongest selling points?
[Kinship] Pinestro: i have a selection Autumn, if you ever need help
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: i went someplace yesterday alone that I remember months ago watching a huge groups of you all run into.
[To Kinship] where was that, Autumn?
[Kinship] Tralia: resource sharing, music, helping each other
[Kinship] Malvy: level wise the Merry clan can also cover a wide range. and everywhere else than Landroval mostly lower levels ^^
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: that maze place
[To Kinship] oh yes! Delossad / forgot the other name...
[Kinship] Malvy: maze?
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: In my opinion, the strongest selling point in the kin is that drama-free helpful, true to the lore questing and grouping up without power leveling.
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: yes that place!
[To Kinship] in Eregion, near the redhorn pass
[Kinship] Malvy: ah yes. with the discover from top to bottom deed
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I have so many toons I can join any group P
[To Kinship] our resources are also a benefit
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: it wasn't much fun doing it myself..... not hard, just confusing
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: alone is not fun.. more fun in group
[To Kinship] yes
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yeah we can provide gear to any lvl
[Kinship] Malvy: indeed
[To Kinship] we have deed items too
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: my taylor is also maxed if anyone needs armour
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I think that this kin is awesome in the sense that you allow people like mug and me join raids or help us when we are pretty game dense
[To Kinship] maybe folks dont know or are afraid to ask for help
[Kinship] Glofinwing: maybe we could think about having a meet and greet for new players
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agreed, bredhe
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: you and mug need to stop kissin in the corner Honey
[To Kinship] shy, even
[Kinship] Irini: Here's one counter-thought I have (it's my style, you know that)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol, gwen
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: i got 14 out of what, 23 of those deeds and gave up running around alone in there
[To Kinship] go on Irini
[Kinship] Pinestro: agreed..i have multiple maxed crafters too
[Kinship] Irini: It's just in terms of how you describe/present yourself
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I promise to identify myself in kin chat from now on
[To Kinship] :)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: you best be prepared to take notes
[To Kinship] hah....
[To Kinship] what were you thinking, Irini?
[Kinship] Irini: When I see people say 'Blah blah blah kin, fun, helpful, crafters, no drama' etc, I think to myself 'As opposed to other kins that hate their members and promote public backstabbing?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol irini
[To Kinship] fair enough... all kins promote themselves in a positive light too
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Ouch.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: you have to prove it
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I do not want drama.. if drama happens.. I will leave..
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: true everyone says it
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Handsome is as handsome does
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I am always afraid to ask someone to come with me when I see you are on your high level alts. I always figure you are on your way out to Mordor and dont want to interfere.
[Kinship] Irini: Of course you promote yourself in a positive light
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agreed autumn
[To Kinship] so we need to promote TANGIBLE benefits?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Mordor is gloom and doom..
[Kinship] Irini: But positive light is one thing...cliche is another.
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: only take that place in small doses myself
[Kinship] Aordwulf: "Come with us, we suck to!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol fred
[Kinship] Pinestro: never be afraid Autumn, im sure we are much happiers getting out of Mordor!
[Kinship] Hallis: Maybe we shoudl have monthly newcomer meetups and kit all the newbies out with gear and take them through GB or something
[To Kinship] Im so sorry Autumn, yes, some of us have been sucked into the Mordor swamp
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes! hallis
[Kinship] Pinestro: good idea hallis
[Kinship] Malvy: yes, good point Hallis
[Kinship] Aordwulf: indeed
[To Kinship] ask, and we ll change out.. hmm
[Kinship] Tralia: might be nice to start a regular schedule of events... don't have to over do it since we are smal atm, but something regular
[Kinship] Hallis: stuff that's on a schedule is a lot more appealing to me
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we did a flash mob where we gave out gear to people
[Kinship] Aordwulf: that is an excellant idea
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: so lets say, join this small kin with players less experience in raids, scattered in at least 10 other kins and a dislike for lore-breaking stuff..
[To Kinship] should those newcomers events be open to all on Landy?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: So .. small is not always bad.. grow slowly.. wisely..
[Kinship] Irini: Don't be afraid to ask, Autumn. Worst-case scenario, we say 'Sorry, I'm busy right now.' (well, technically worst-case is no response, but you know what I mean)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: newcomer event is a good idea
[Kinship] Tralia: or do giveaways in world chat
[Kinship] Aordwulf: do something everty week from the past catalogue more or less on level
[Kinship] Hallis: Like I always know when I can go to CH party because it's always the same day, same with Ales & Tales
[Kinship] Tralia: or not in world chat, local giveaways..
[Kinship] Irini: But maybe it's a case of 'I'm in the middle of X right now, but I'll get to you when I finish.'
[To Kinship] ha Tralia, a giveaway would help us with some of the jammed chests in this neighborhood haha
[Kinship] Hallis: yeah exactly Aord
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: exactly bredhe :)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I'm currently on my champion in Rohan, because nothing happens on level. I do not like Rohan.
[Kinship] Mugaran: Do we know how this kin is viewed by other players?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I have alot to donate for giveaways ;)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: on low level*
[Kinship] Malvy: we should think about it a bit, to give it a recognizable structure;
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I am an outside.. this kin is AWESOME
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: mug, what do you think of when you think of this kin
[Kinship] Tralia: im doing w rohan with my mini and LM, I enjoy it.
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Mug thinks.. where is the beer
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: actually, he doesn't drink much
[Kinship] Mugaran: Well, that's what a bit..hush you Gwendelyne, where was I?...
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: he is just naturally.....
[Kinship] Malvy: but then we can ad it on the weekly lotro article, and also put it on LotroArtists as an event. that one is not only for music events, ya know ^^
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: just teasing.. he always has beer in his bags
[Kinship] Aordwulf: high on life?
[To Kinship] whatre your thoughts about the kinship? how its perceived :)
[Kinship] Mugaran: I ..I mean this kin is very popular and has a lot of people, is there a fear that it's losing something?
[To Kinship] Malvy, what if we made a short film showcasing our neighborhood?
[Kinship] Irini: I've never heard anyone speak ill of it.
[Kinship] Glofinwing: But I think Autumn's point is that we have lots of people who automatically get together because we're at 115, I think Autumn would like to see others who are at her level and below so she doesn't always have to ask
[Kinship] Aordwulf: I really don't kow if is IS perceived...memories are really short here
[To Kinship] well, nobody said anything, Mug, but I was noticing some... flatness.... you know?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I would love it if you did do more low level stuff
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: me too
[To Kinship] like we hadnt been hosting kin activities for new students for a while, and stuff...
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: me too
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: mug and I play at our own pace
[Kinship] Mugaran: THat' a just it, this kin, to me is doing great
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: hmm ... smiles at Honeybee
[Kinship] Aordwulf: if you arn't part of something its mostly non existant for most folks I think
[Kinship] Malvy: that requires good artistic capabilities, Bredhe ^^ and i would not, in my opinion, emphasize too much that there is a stack of items that others collected for you. that is nice, but is it the one thing we want people to go for?
[Kinship] Mugaran: you want flatness? oh gosh, join Concerning Hobbits about the time Roz left.
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: we dont want someone emptying the kin chests?
[To Kinship] not necessarily the contents of the house, but the neighborhood as an atmosphere to inspire players to settle here on our server, and maybe RP some...
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Howewer my old kin on Nimrodel got new members by planning games and races, giving away rewards
[Kinship] Malvy: that too Gwen :)
Aordwulf has gone offline.
[Kinship] Malvy: good one, Eth
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: uh oh whta happened to fred
[To Kinship] link dead?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: People love the events.. like freeze tag.. fighting all the time gets.. hmm
[Kinship] Hallis: old
[Kinship] Glofinwing: the kin party we had in Bree was by far our biggest that I can remember
[Kinship] Malvy: oh btw, there are still quite a few houses open at Stickbarton, Shire. If someone is looking for a nice neoighbourhood
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I am going to put something out there
[To Kinship] yes Hon?
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yesterday on the run with Sapience, the kin also planned fun games
[Kinship] Mugaran: And what does the kin WANT to be, remeber we can't all be everything to everyone
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: DHS
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: CH party has become more and more of a hit
Aordwulf has come online.
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: and maybe do those things in Bree? I never manage to go to an event if it is at a kinship house.... I never remember what neighborhood or the address
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: we could take Mug to Isengard.. good kin program..
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Notebook next to computer works wonders
[To Kinship] haha
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we can limit the games and make sure that you kind of "own" some games so your parties are seen as different
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Honey is the queen of games ;)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: wait, I have a corner of making mug the butt of my jokes :)
[Kinship] Malvy: welcome back Aord
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: And we could assure that players don't ragequit a class because they don't see on level support or support at all for their fellowship area quests.
[To Kinship] we did the trestlebridge jump at our recent kin anniversary party, but that was originally from Skoch s old kinship on another
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: That is fred OO
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: that trestlebridge thing was great
[Kinship] Aordwulf: it was
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: That was fun.. Land on Bredhe :)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: and Die trying
[Kinship] Aordwulf: even though I hit a rock and died
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I love the 'Lemming jump' as i call it :D
[To Kinship] well, one thing i think is challeging in ANY kinship is how players sometimes rely on the leaders/officers to make things happen
[Kinship] Aordwulf: nodnods
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol nk
[Kinship] Mugaran: indeed
[Kinship] Irini: Oh, I know the feeling.
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: we I think we are all mature enough here to stir the pot per say
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: although you have holo, the king of poultry
[To Kinship] I would love it if any member felt confident or welcome enough to initiate activities
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Raises hand
[Kinship] Mugaran: we push (gently) to have other take control
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: froda is good with that
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Note.. No naked swimming parties... hmmmm Honey
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: bredhe, you have sharkey and captain
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: when 95% of events on Landroval starts at 3-4am, I'm kicked out of organizing anything at all
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: Eth, where are you located?
[To Kinship] but that's been given to Concerning Hobbits, pretty much! those two games! :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: no
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: in Hungary, timezone Central Europe
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we can give them back
[Kinship] Mugaran: See we don't tell people to take off thier clothes... they just do
[To Kinship] no no, you need those games for your Thursday parties!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: oh that is right, eth!!!!
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Oh
Erinifled has come online.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I encourage it, mug
[Kinship] Irini: I don't think you need to declare some the exclusive property
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: true - I just meant in terms of keeping things unique
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: one thing about CH is I alaways know where and when they are
[To Kinship] yes
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: for the weekly party
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I think Sunday evening would be a great time
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: And I can't always wait until midnight and 3am someone to come online and help me right away. So then I just go play another game.
[Kinship] Mugaran: How is Courserrim unique?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: I will.. try to come up with some ideas.. while I am at work :)
[Kinship] Malvy: not if yo umean now or even later
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Bredhe is our leader ;)
[To Kinship] Courserrim used to support Coursera students... not anymore... :)
[Kinship] Malvy: Honey, that is already Monday morning for people east of the US ;)
[Kinship] Mugaran: I think the identity crisses come from what was and what is now.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, understood
[To Kinship] we still get one or two new students every few months... hmmm
[Kinship] Malvy: Hello Erinifled
[Kinship] Hallis: do most of the students now join Mythgard?
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: Glad you could join us Erin
[Kinship] Pinestro: so is the course evergreen now or just relaunches every few months?
[To Kinship] dont know... Mythgard has their connections to a different professor... what do you know about this, Hologro?
[To Kinship] its evergreen, pretty much....
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: that brings something up, how are we different from mythggard
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: the classes with Mythgard has greatly increased people wanint to join them, from what I have seen
[To Kinship] no more group content.... prof Clayton wasn too thrilled with the change
[Kinship] Hologro: Kind of out of it, rephrase the question?
[To Kinship] Mythgard is deep into lore discussions...
[To Kinship] lectures, etc
[Kinship] Erinifled: hihi
[Kinship] Hologro: Mythgard does several weekly streams, Coursera, does not. >8)
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: So glad you could join us Erin..welcome
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: and then they all travel to a place in the landscape, as a group
[To Kinship] that's their niche
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: after the lecture
[Kinship] Malvy: yes. we cannot compete with that, that is theirs and over our head
[Kinship] Hologro: The field trips are fading in popularity as i expected they eventually would.
[Kinship] Hologro: But watching the streams is still very much in demand.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I think we could also add to recruiting/identifying how helpful is this kin with teaching others about the class they're more experienced about. In most kins where I were, the players don't have patience explaining 'how to play your class' things.
[To Kinship] I accept the idea of ebb and flow, but wanted us to have a say in anything we might do forward, hence why I called this meeting :)
[Kinship] Irini: Remember, no one expects this one day to provide the answer.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: ^
[To Kinship] yes that is one of our strengths Eth, we re good tutors
[Kinship] Irini: But it gives everyone a sense of where they're aiming for.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I have a brainstorm idea
[To Kinship] mmm? :)
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: yes the info on how to play my class gotten from people in thie kinship has been MORE than AWESOME
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: have a weekly instance tutorial
[Kinship] Hologro: By comparison, Mythgard does very little in-game compared to us, or most active kins.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Honey that is a great idea!!!!!!!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: but keep it fun
[Kinship] Glofinwing: it is!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: yeah
[Kinship] Malvy: might be worth trying, indeed
[Kinship] Pinestro: agreed
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: it isn't as fun when you are told stand there and then go there, etc
[Kinship] Aordwulf: hehe
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: and all levels of instances
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: but again you are awesome teachers
[To Kinship] yes I hate being ordered around without understanding the mechanisms of the particular fight
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: exactly, bredhe
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: don't do that part
[To Kinship] not only in instances but also in difficult landscape situations too
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: You remember it if you understand it
[Kinship] Irini: *senses a stare in her general direction*
[Kinship] Malvy: lol
[To Kinship] *hugs her sister* Irini, I wasnt talking about you! LOL
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Not looking at Irini at all
[Kinship] Aordwulf: I remember being told "Be on me tighter then white on rice!"
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: talk about the instance first, how it works, what triggers what, then do it
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: you all are very patient, including you, irini
[Kinship] Malvy: i am happy to have direct instructions when needed .. but generally an explanation is more satisfying, yes ^^
[To Kinship] we could ..... keep it more flexible dont limit to instances but yes thats a gretat idea....
[Kinship] Malvy: sounds like a cooking instruction, Aord
[Kinship] Mugaran: as you all know there sometimes is no time for anythign but "follow me if you want to live"
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: imo cooking is more difficult than fighting
[To Kinship] there're some caves or other places that arent instanced, more public instance i guess? that are really hard too...
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: true, mug
[Kinship] Tralia: sorry have to sleep. good luck all! i hope you can steer this kin into the future and maybe I can be a bigger part of it :) Take care.
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: it helped greatly when you took us into the GB and explained about the shields and not to hit on this one first, etc... made it fun and good info for all other alts
[Kinship] Malvy: night Tralia!
Tralia has gone offline.
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: oh today i ordered a run very well because some people just charged in
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: nini tralia
[Kinship] Glofinwing: bye Tralia!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Or when we did the South Gate dailies together. We could do these things on lower level too. Groups for lower level reps, etc.
[To Kinship] what about band activity? Bria, any thoughts re. your experiences with the Remediators, and how folks may or may not want to get involved with music? Malvy?
[To Kinship] (sorry to change the subject, but wanted to get that out there... for thought)...
[Kinship] Briallan: Sure .. :) ...
[To Kinship] any content s cool except for Tarlang s Crown I despise that place LOL
[To Kinship] dont mind me :)
[Kinship] Laurieann: I'm off too, nice seeing you all. I like the idea about knowing one another better (maybe some event with smtg like speeddating - could be fun)
[Kinship] Malvy: hm. as far as i have seen so far there are only single people interested in actively making music
[To Kinship] take care Tannsy!
[To Kinship] thanks for coming!
[Kinship] Irini: Bredhe : Tarlang's Crown :: Ashi : The Beacon
[Kinship] Laurieann: Take care all :)
[Kinship] Glofinwing: Bye Laurie!
[Kinship] Malvy: but sure, saying that we are willing to help is good too
[Kinship] Briallan: bye Laurie :)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Tc Laurie!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: bye laurie
[Kinship] Erinifled: bye!
[Kinship] Mugaran: to my mind the challenge is reaching the shy newbie, how would you know about this kin save for regional tells, -which get tiring for hte rest of us?
[Kinship] Malvy: lol Irini
[To Kinship] (brb bio) I ll read back (I am chatlogging this for note-taking purposes, FYI))
[To Kinship] (agree Mug, what do u think we can do?)
Laurieann has gone offline.
[Kinship] Aordwulf: by reaching out and meeting them
[Kinship] Aordwulf: by not being always in the same cliques
[Kinship] Malvy: yes Mug. but still, some ads (once every two days or so) makes you known by those who do not yet have alts everywhere
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: going to where they are literally and figuratively
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I move out in the Old Forest and guide folks to the kinhouse.
[Kinship] Aordwulf: which is admittedly hard to do
[Kinship] Aordwulf: cause everyone wants to play with their friends
[Kinship] Mugaran: we, in CH have recruited a few that happened by cause we're in thier way
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: one thing I used to do for a big kin I co-lead was cooked in the shire
[Kinship] Malvy: and be active and talk to people.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and just talked to people not affiiated and helped the
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: them
[Kinship] Mugaran: I see
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I like helping and I like recruiting
[Kinship] Aordwulf: but...we don't like "them"
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: honeydove is not a cook, darn it
[Kinship] Malvy: i got here by cooking at the MD crafting faire, and started talking to some nice hobbit lass that was also cooking there. Tacie, who told me about the Courserrim (and the course)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: hush, fred
[Kinship] Aordwulf: cause they are not "us"
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Hes way shorter them me...:-)
[Kinship] Pinestro: ah i miss tacie
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: *wonders if Aordwulf is related to someone else whose name starts with an A and ends in an F*
[Kinship] Malvy: yes. she left when 75 was max
[Kinship] Aordwulf: anything is possible
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I sometimes mail stuff to low level people I see when I am cooking in MD..... never thought to tell them about the kinship! Mea culpea!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: there you go, Autumn
[Kinship] Aordwulf: one idea
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: at our parties we typically just invite the people to the next party and then at the second party then we pounce
[Kinship] Malvy: same for me, Autumn. i have to get better at that too
[Kinship] Aordwulf: We could advertise for folks to come look at the neighborhood
[Kinship] Aordwulf: just have an open house event now and then
[Kinship] Irini: It's been a while since we've had a housing tour - I do recall people being impressed with the project
[Kinship] Glofinwing: yes, that would be like a meet and greet
[Kinship] Aordwulf: nodnods
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: start in Bree and then lead them out here!
[Kinship] Malvy: which makes a nice hook for a bit of light RP - all that far travel to this distant 'Bree', and even further
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: make sure you have a way to get them there
[Kinship] Irini: Getting here from South Bree is easy
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: maybe a bunch of rally horns
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: people are lazy
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: maybe a bunch of captains
[Kinship] Aordwulf: anyone can get here...or we have enough captains around
[To Kinship] (back, and reading up)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: you can't summon folks inside the neighbourhoods, fyi
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: not for newbies! those things around that tree are level 15 or more
[Kinship] Irini: I thought there was a stable route
[Kinship] Aordwulf: there is
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes but not quick
[Kinship] Aordwulf: to the neighborhood
[Kinship] Malvy: you can only summon outside, yes
[Kinship] Irini: You can't smmon them INSIDE, but you can summon them OUTSIDE
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and they may not have a horse
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: right
[Kinship] Irini: And then say 'Bowing awaits!'
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Bow to Bowing!
[Kinship] Irini: You don't need riding skill for the stable routes
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: ahhh good point
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: if you dont have the riding skill yet,
[Kinship] Aordwulf: and then in here give out prizes and food and bad advice and such
[Kinship] Irini: Checkign the route
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol fred
[Kinship] Irini: Think it's a one-way route
[Kinship] Briallan: As Malvy said, certainly any kinnies who are interested in doing music as a band (instead of solo) are welcome to get involved in the Remediators. We are not very active right now, but it's still a lot of fun as an occasional thing when we do get together.
[To Kinship] mmmhmm
[Kinship] Glofinwing: well, hunters can port away from the neighborhood
[To Kinship] we all are good at different things....
[Kinship] Malvy: and it might even be a starting point for a little combo as side project.
[Kinship] Irini: Especially when Bria releases The Easy Guide To Putting On A Show Without Getting Fishslapped
[Kinship] Hallis: A newbie "Get the stable" port around might be fun.
[Kinship] Briallan: yes it could be :)
[Kinship] Briallan: its in progress haha
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Aye Hallis!
[Kinship] Briallan: well we've started it anyway :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol I do adore my fishslaps though
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: It's been so long for me that I nearly forgot the pain
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: good idea Hallis
[Kinship] Malvy: that is very simple, Irini - invite neither Ashi nor Baud, and then neither cause nor effect are present :D
[To Kinship] what pain? no stable points?
[Kinship] Mugaran: I dont'
[To Kinship] haha malvy
[coursera] Aordwulf: 'speaking of music if anyone wants mentoring let me know'
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: GPS for hire in Moria! lol
[Kinship] Hallis: just do the basics, Esteldin, Tinnudir, etc. I'm reliving the pain right now on my Aria'd RK and let me tell you what
[Kinship] Mugaran: (adore fish slap)
[To Kinship] ouch Totes, yeah
[Kinship] Hallis: it's a pain in the patooty
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: but GPS for hire in Moria sounds like you have to pay for the help
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: get to the next stable
[To Kinship] one thing that I notcied really GETs in the way of regularly scheduled content are the festivals
[Kinship] Irini: The stabe-route is a one-way trip
[To Kinship] thanks Irini...
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: what we do is we incorporate the festival into our party
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Autumn that was the joke part, but yeah, I did guide people through it
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: essentially take the party to it
[To Kinship] remember the recent Anniversary? I noticed alot of us grouped up to do stuff, that was awesome... but it wasnt kin-specific :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we did sardines in the burrows
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: was fun
[To Kinship] CH is good at that... they can party anywhere! hobbits are talented in that sense! :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and this kin can be too
[Kinship] Hallis: Something we might think about, on that vein, is doing a complete set of stable collectings in a region, via captains or something along those lines. City of Heroes used to have a group called the Taxibots who used to take people around to pick up badges, like exploration deeds.
[Kinship] Malvy: we can make food vanish everyhwere!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: taxibots love it
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: so this is our niche
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: the helping kin
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: i need to know those taxibots!!
[Kinship] Hallis: we might also make the food packages for the hidden food deeds and give them out courtesy of Courerrim
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: there is no one else like that
[To Kinship] should we collaborate with KWL to have more than just one deed night? with maybe sunday afternoons being combat instruction? combined with instance deeds?
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Speaking of festivals, we could do those runs for the kin members again when we worked on AA rep, helping with port
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we do those hidden food deeds and other deeds and people love it
[Kinship] Irini: AA?? Hobbit Haters!!!!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Who doesnt have any hobbit characters??
[To Kinship] I think individuals should play to their strengths, in offering up services and goodies...
[Kinship] Malvy: we will get them reshaped, Irini. just infiltrate them with enough people ^^
[Kinship] Hallis: Aye Eth, I'd be happy to do soemthing like that now that I have a good guide to do both at the same tme
[Kinship] Irini: Lieselotte vowed on a weekly basis to execute Bingo Boffin, and even SHE Wants nothing to do with the AA!
[To Kinship] but i cant imagine expecting individuals to remain committed year in and year out
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: omg combat instruction and class instruction would be great
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: or the hobbits. whatever folks want
[Kinship] Irini: *has no hobbit characters*
[Kinship] Irini: Since you asked
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: yes, we no irini
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Remember when CH did the ridge runner? That was cool...Things like that would be great
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: I have thought about offering to take people somewhere, but I get so lost in mazes and caves, I wouldn't be much help to them at all!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: hobbit hater
[Kinship] Irini: You say that, but you haven't even heard the lyrics for This Will Be The Day yet!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Browsing the AH I also see a big need for cheap low level crafting tools. So small things can be very attractive as help.
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: ummmm
[To Kinship] good point Eth
[Kinship] Aordwulf: low level anything is always welcome
[To Kinship] I like the idea of regular giveaways as a kin promotion activity....
[Kinship] Glofinwing: yes, a lot of lower level things are missing from the AH these days
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: but you can feed us Autumn, and i don't like cooking for example
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: we could make things and just send them... selling them in the AH doesn't let you say 'from Courserrim Kinship'
[Kinship] Aordwulf: armour, weapons, jewelery
[To Kinship] give away in World...
[To Kinship] or regional
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: or do flash mob or event and just give them out
[To Kinship] "Courtesy of the Courserrim!" or something
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: you can inspect if they talk
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: sounds good
[Kinship] Hallis: I rather skip the AH for things like that because you just don't know who's buying them if they're gonna resell it or what
[Kinship] Glofinwing: no selling cheaply on the AH is just a service to the community
[Kinship] Pinestro: i like the idea of flash mob handouts
[Kinship] Pinestro: giving out in world has less impact to my mind
[Kinship] Aordwulf: Even if we just made stuff and sold it at reasonable prices it would be a service
[To Kinship] for flash mob handouts, whoever does the giving away would need at least one bag free :)
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: I just wanted to point out that there is a need for low level crafting tools and gear
[Kinship] Hallis: Hang out in the lowbie areas to hand stuff out to people who appear
[Kinship] Glofinwing: uh-oh
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: agreed eth
[Kinship] Hallis: Archet, Thorin's, etc
[To Kinship] right, you can look at their gear... and predict what they may need
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Help with the flower deed in the Old Forest :D
[Kinship] Aordwulf: there is never low level stuff on AH
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: good idea, eth
[To Kinship] so, are we like.... a kinship geared toward helping players develop as players?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: and that is fun too
[Kinship] Hallis: the low level stuff I see on the AH is always priced ridiculously high
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: that is how I decide what to cook for someone, inspecting them when I see them in MD
[To Kinship] and if so, how do we say so in a way that's attractive and memorable?
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: I love it, bredhe
[Kinship] Aordwulf: I think that would be one good focus
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Helping players to develop themselves kinship?
[Kinship] Hallis: ooho
[Kinship] Hallis: I like that
[To Kinship] see, those words sound icky... silly....
[To Kinship] LOL
[Kinship] Malvy: on the ohter hand you grow past these first levels so fast, does it really make sense to put any effort in things lower that l30?
[Kinship] Aordwulf: You dont if you don't know how to
[To Kinship] it does make a huge difference in overcoming certain challenges, yknow?
[Kinship] Hallis: it makes sense in that it will make an impact on the recipient
[Kinship] Aordwulf: its easy for most of us cause we know how its done
[Kinship] Malvy: you are right Hallis
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Join Courserrim! Here you can educate yourself! And if you can't, we'll do it for you! It's better than school/work, promise! xD
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: yes getting to level 30 can be a challenge!
[Kinship] Hologro: I need to head off, night all!
[To Kinship] LOL, thats a good start, Eth!
[Kinship] Hallis: Night Holo!
[Kinship] Briallan: nite Holo :)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: nini holo
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Good night Holo!
[Kinship] Glofinwing: night Holo
[Kinship] Pinestro: nn holo
[To Kinship] good night Holo thanks so much for coming! altho u originally werent able to!
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: nites!
[Kinship] Hologro: Because birthday dinner got cancelled, so it's a mixed blessing. >8)
[To Kinship] aw
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: wait birthday!!!
[To Kinship] happy birthday to you!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: your birthday???
[To Kinship] yes its HIS birthday
[Kinship] Malvy: oh yours?
[Kinship] Hologro: Thanks!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: idk Malvy, people realize they need crafted gear when they try to solo GA
[To Kinship] so yall send him something! ;)
[Kinship] Glofinwing: omg Happy Birthday!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: YES
[Kinship] Malvy: happy birthday, Holo! thank you for sharing this special day with us!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Happy Birthday Holo!!!
[Kinship] Hologro: Knew I shoulda left without saying anything...
[Kinship] Pinestro: happy birthday
[Kinship] Briallan: yay b-day :):)
[Kinship] Pinestro: lol
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: lol
[Kinship] Hologro: Night!
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Dream of a cake!
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: okay here is another idea
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: a FB page
[To Kinship] enjoy the key, Holo! hugs
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we are more active on there than our webpage
[Kinship] Mugaran: Piperia turned a Hobbit Party into her own birthday party, cause Honey and I couldn't be online, that was kinda cute .
[Kinship] Ethrodwen: Oh I thought people like to remain Anonymus
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: not everyone has fb but it's great
[To Kinship] as opposed to guildlaunch? (I have to be honest, guildlaunch s hard for me to get enthused over...)
[Kinship] Honeybreeze: we have some people who are on our page as their character
[Kinship] Gwendelyne: my facebook page is for Sabelynne.. so it is anon
Hologro has gone offline.
[To Kinship] Bredhe Lillian has her own FB page
[Kinship] Malvy: but it is a central point to store and keep things, Bredhe
[Kinship] Briallan: yay :)
[Kinship] Autumnmyst: fb IS much easier to get into than the LOTRO forums!
[Kinship] Irini: I only use one as Ashi and then

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