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re: Upcoming Events (Sept. 5 - 7)



For this weekend, we have a few new events coming up – I've scheduled Random Dungeons for Friday 10PM server time and Saturday 2PM server time. I'm calling it 'Random' since I don't really have a particular instance in mind – it all depends on who shows up and what they might like to do; we might do more than one at the same time (such as one for 20-30 level characters and one for more advanced characters). The point, really, is that it's hard to get more than 2-3 people together at once for group content unless you set a time for everyone to get together (so I set a time), but I can't really read people's minds as to what particular instances they want to do (so I'm leaving that open). So this is sort of an experiment – if it works, we might do it again, if not, well .. haha maybe not. We might skirm or do small fellowship stuff if we don't have enough people for full fellowship instances. Maybe you have a small or full fellowship quest in your quest log that you just haven't got around to doing because you needed some extra bodies to help :) So, please think about what you might like to do between now and this weekend!

Second event (Sunday 2PM) is band meetup! Our band hasn't been performing much lately due to our energy having focused mostly on the course for the past month or two, but we will be performing at our upcoming graduation party and likely at other public musical festivals on Landroval coming up later in the year. So the point of the meetup is mostly a familiarization session for people who are new to the LOTRO music system, but might have an interest at some level in playing with our band. Note that, since our band (like all LOTRO bands) plays ABC files during performances, absolutely no musical knowledge or ability is required to be a band member. No previous knowledge of the LOTRO music system is required either (we can teach you what you need to know), but if you would like to get a head start, here are a couple tutorials about getting set up to play LOTRO music; they both cover basically the same material, so you can choose one or the other, or even read both of them:

    So you want to play music? (LOTRO Music Tutorial)

    Installing and Using the Songbook

By the way, if have some interest in playing with the band, but Sunday 2PM doesn't work for you, contact me (in-game or on the website), and I can arrange to meet with you individually.


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