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re: Week 5 In-game Assignment



Okay! Today we enter week 5 of the course, and the in-game assignment is to attempt the Great Barrows quest to defeat Thadúr the Ravager.


Thadur is generally considered a level 20+ quest since you have to enter it via the Instance Finder (which is only available to characters once they reach level 20). However we can bring along characters who are below level 20 as long as they accompany other characters who are eligible. Here is a post I wrote in the Coursera forums that describes how to do this.


We have added several time/dates for Thadur to the calendar for the next week. So far I have kept the weekend free, but we will likely add some more scheduled or unscheduled Thadur events over the weekend to accommodate people who couldn’t make it during the week, or want to wait until late in the week to give their characters a chance to get closer to level 20 and be more effective in the fight. Also ... anyone is of course welcome to add Thadur events to the calendar themselves (if you have a time in mind that you would like to go, but you don't feel comfortable using the calendar yourself, ask a kinship officer to add it for you).


If you feel that your character will not be high enough to run Thadur during week 5, you do have the option to do this at a later time and still get credit for it. According to the syllabus for Week 5, your assignment is to describe your Thadur experience in response to questions on the quiz, and the quiz can be submitted as late August 24. Also you do NOT need to post a screenshot of video for this assignment.


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