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Level 75 Elf Minstrel
Level 27 Elf Lore-master
Level 10 Elf Hunter
Level 14 Hobbit Burglar
Level 19 Hobbit Minstrel
Level 55 Elf Lore-master
Level 21 Race of Man Hunter
Level 58 Race of Man Hunter
Level 17 Race of Man Lore-master
Level 31 Dwarf Champion
Level 0 Bow
Level 25 Dwarf Rune-keeper
Level 28 Race of Man Lore-master
Level 25 Race of Man Burglar
Level 44 Elf Minstrel
Level 21 Elf Hunter
Level 10 Race of Man Guardian
Level 11 Race of Man Minstrel
Level 7 Elf Lore-master
Level 20 Hobbit Hunter
Level 55 Hobbit Burglar
Level 76 Elf Rune-keeper
Level 100 Elf Minstrel
Level 36 Race of Man Minstrel
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